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tiny tummies nutrition
tiny tummies nutrition

  tiny tummies nutrition

        Child nutrition - Women's health nutrition & exercise


A TINY BIT ABOUT.... Belinda Russo (Paediatric and Women's Health Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Director)

Belinda has been working as a private practice Dietitian in Southwest Sydney for over 5 years, providing evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and exercise advice for the management of childhood nutrition issues and women’s health issues.

She has undertaken specialist training in the management of extreme fussy eating behaviours in children, from 0-16 years of age, with or without diagnosed medical conditions and of all developmental abilities, including children with ASD.

Belinda understands that ensuring your child's nutritional requirements are being met can be challenging at the best of times (having 2 young children herself!), and diagnosis of a medical condition or developmental delay add an extra challenge to meal times. An abundance of (often times) misinformation about infant and child nutrition makes the task even more confusing. Belinda always aims to provide evidence-based advice for your child's health concerns that is as family-friendly as possible.

Belinda is a passionate advocate of the Health at Every Size approach and incorporates these principles into her practice as a non-diet approach Dietitian. She strongly believes that all individuals, regardless of their size, shape or health condition, have the right to receive expert tailored nutrition advice and to participate in safe, effective and enjoyable movement, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Using this approach allows Belinda to assist women, particularly those with chronic health conditions, manage their health concerns through tailored nutrition and movement, whilst also improving their relationship with food, movement and their bodies, without promoting health-negating restrictive food behaviors (such as dieting) or unsustainable exercise habits.


paediatric dietitian


 Whether you have a child with food allergies, fussy eating habits, coeliac disease or other medical problem or 

 you are worried that your child is not meeting his/her nutritional requirements, we are here to help you with

 fuss-free, family-friendly advice to ensure your bub, toddler, child or teen develop life-long healthy eating

 habits and meet their nutritional requirements for optimal growth and development.

 For a full list of our paediatric nutrition services, click here

women's nutrition, non-dieting approach


A woman's nutritional needs change considerably throughout various life stages, and with the extra demands of motherhood, our careers, our relationships and everything else in between, prioritising our own health and wellbeing can be a challenge.

Whether you are looking for advice to help manage a medical condition, wanting to break free from the dieting cycle, or are just wanting to know how to make meal times less stressful without compromising your family's health, we are here to work with you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

                               Planning a pregnancy? Pregnant or breastfeeding? We provide expert advice on prenatal, postnatal and

                               pregnancy nutrition.

                               For a full list of our women's and maternal nutrition services, click here

food allergy and food intolerance dietitian


Do you, your child or other family members frequently experience any of the following:

* migraines after consuming chocolate or cheese?

* rashes after consuming strawberries or tomatoes?

* bloating after consuming bread or pasta?

* changes in your child's behavior after consuming red softdrink or 'party' food?

These are just a few of the symptoms that may be triggered in individuals with food intolerances, however, since the symptoms often do not occur directly after consuming a suspected food trigger it may not always be obvious which foods may be triggering your symptoms.

For more information regarding the difference between food allergies and food intolerances, how we can help in the investigation and management of food intolerances and the management of diagnosed food 

                                 allergies, click here 

exercise physiologist


We also offer a range of other dietetic and exercise physiology services including:

* Mums and bubs exercise sessions

* One-on-one or group exercise sessions

* Menu assessment and reviews for long day care centres

* Group education presentations

For more information regarding our full range of other dietetic and exercise physiology services, click here